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[VID]Antarctica Documentary of Researcher Mae Brussel's Information from California.mp42022-02-02 13:20 403M 
[VID]Byrd- Real footage of Admiral Richard Byrd's secret expediton.mp42022-02-02 14:02 168M 
[VID]Carol Rosin- Von Braun s Legacy with Dr. Carol Rosin- Published by Dr. Steven Greer's Youtube- Oct 11, 2013.mp42022-02-02 12:40 365M 
[VID]Forrestal- Communist Hit List Forrestal 2.mp42022-02-02 16:34 680M 
[VID]James Van Allen and Admiral Richard Byrd connection_720P HD.mp42022-02-02 14:40 57M 
[VID]Mark Passio- Former Satanist- All-Seeing Eye, 777, 666, and 93 from Seg of Part 3 of What On Earth Is Happening Presentation- 2014.mp42022-02-08 15:22 66M 
[VID]Richard Byrd's Masonic Order Of The Penguin- Ryan Zehm Youtube Channel- June 26, 2021.mp42022-02-08 15:06 41M 
[VID]Secret South Pole Colonies.- Asgard- Nordic Gods And Our True Rulers..mp42022-02-02 15:11 155M 
[VID]Secretary of State John Kerry in Antarctica November 11, 2016 - Copy.mp42022-02-02 14:11 378M 
[VID]U.S. Dept of Defense - Live - @ActingSecDef Patrick M. Shanahan speaks at the 35th #SpaceSymposium in Colorado. #35SS (1).mp42022-02-08 14:57 28M 
[VID]Witness- Earthquake Machine at South Pole- With Steven Greer Intro- June 13, 2023.mp42023-07-14 19:06 4.9M 

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