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[SND]1- David Wilcock- Fun word 'bout her oaf, hogwash. Snade meet the 'llumin-we..Mp32021-05-21 22:32 674K 
[SND]2- David Wilcock- Whore beef see the Musk-for-muss-mast is varied from the net skurf..Mp32021-05-21 22:32 471K 
[SND]3- Steven Greer- Boy-arts are con-red. the Borg surface in her must-do their new Whore unit..Mp32021-05-21 22:32 362K 
[   ]Steven Greer and David Wilcock on ETs Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot.docx2021-05-21 22:35 43K 

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