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[SND]1- George Noory Giant Story- The power snaps he's-a-mayor work for mass aware beats. He had a why-pee-in-his-lie boost her my-syndicate..Mp32021-08-21 20:21 505K 
[SND]2- George Noory Giant Story- Surround Sir bends did a wide we-did-that. Sim an honor. Her ALF pad's on our beef-net..Mp32021-08-21 20:21 456K 
[SND]3- George Noory Giant Story- Way ALF want to see it. Musk block the yarage dead. Sit looms. Beat lost her. Here oats. Sir Oz sell fear-him sit while they cough evening..Mp32021-08-21 20:21 695K 
[SND]4- Pilot Giant Story- See eye get sells. Said wolf hid the wire. Feel why I diddled the lamp-liar specie sofa. War-mone DNA were- Yes, I make you see it there. Bomb a futile whirl..Mp32021-08-21 20:21 728K 
[   ]Giants Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot.docx2021-08-21 20:21 41K 

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