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[VID]Agenda 21 Rosa Koire, Wolfeboro NH, Behind the Green Mask_ UN Agenda 21 6_26_12 part 2 of 5.mp42021-11-10 22:00 266M 
[VID]Agenda 21 rosa-koire-explains-un-agenda-21-sustainable-development.mp42021-11-10 22:00 36M 
[VID]Combo- Brian Lilley Interview and Koire NH Presentation.mp42021-11-10 22:02 2.0G 
[VID]Rosa Koire- Behind the Green Mask Agenda 21 Rosa Koire.mp42021-11-10 22:02 430M 
[VID]Rosa Koire- The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire.mp42021-11-10 22:02 377M 
[VID]Rosa Koire A threat to Canadian sovereignty.mp42021-11-10 22:02 51M 
[VID]Rosa Koire on Agenda 21- RIP Rosa who had a convenient death while informing us on this GENOCIDAL COUP.mp42021-11-10 22:02 45M 
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