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[SND]5- Trump on Measles Vax- Dodged her fake-it-pie headline... Dodged her fake-it pie here..Mp32021-06-13 15:50 616K 
[SND]3- Trump on the Vax- Worse Lord add that we will get Guyana add our fill dirt..Mp32021-06-13 15:50 400K 
[SND]2- Trump on the Vax- Floral with ills guardin' your vest sinner Ishtar crying you miss healers in it..Mp32021-06-13 15:50 400K 
[SND]1- Trump on Johnson and Johnson Vax- Satan, our One Order- Ooh they killed Bob to weild Kaz-goes-in-it thorn in our knee..Mp32021-06-13 15:50 325K 
[SND]4- Trump on the Vax- Then an ear scout gets it then he scout you with it..Mp32021-06-13 15:50 279K 
[   ]Trump Vax Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot.docx2021-06-13 15:50 43K 

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