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[   ]Zionism- The Alliance Between China and Zionism _ National Vanguard.pdf2021-12-20 11:50 1.1M 
[VID]Yuri Bezmenov useful idiots speech made somewhere between 1981-1986.mp42021-08-02 21:57 22M 
[VID]World Health Organization Being Sued- Documentation from Dr. Ardis to Nuremburg 2.0 Lawsuit Head Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.mp42021-09-15 16:28 9.5M 
[VID]World Economic Forum Jeremy Jurgens on Cyber Attack Scenario Testing July 2021.mp42021-07-25 12:52 4.6M 
[VID]World Economic Forum, Davos 2020- When Humans Become Cyborgs.mp42023-12-08 11:01 127M 
[VID]Wooz News- Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less.mp42021-08-23 12:29 215M 
[DIR]Woman Sees Fake Man on Plane Appears to be Act of Banking Cartel Syndicate Terrorism/2023-07-08 00:57 -  
[VID]William Cooper on Aliens.mp42021-04-12 21:14 52M 
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[IMG]Who Holds the DOD Contracts for the Quantum Computer Ai Network Torturing Civilians to Death Worldwide Poster.jpg2021-11-02 20:34 64K 
[   ]What is Pizzagate- Red Pill Collection on The Internet Archive.pdf2024-01-15 15:12 29M 
[   ]What Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko said about Elon Musk’s bot problems - Vox- Aug. 23, 2022.pdf2024-02-21 13:00 517K 
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[VID]Veteran Denied Seat in A Restaurant from Brown Shirt Employees- I was just following rules is not an excuse..mp42021-11-15 12:20 6.5M 
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[VID]Veronica Wolski- Interview With Nancy Ross, Veronica Wolski's POA.mp42021-09-13 15:14 178M 
[VID]Veronica Wolski's Power of Attorney, Nancy Ross, Speaks Out After Tyrannical Killing.mp42021-09-15 15:33 157M 
[VID]Vax Lies Told for Genocide-.mov2021-12-08 13:06 11M 
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[VID]Unmasking Money Magick - ROBERT SEPEHR.mp42022-02-02 14:56 93M 
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[   ]UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture.pdf2021-04-11 16:32 650K 
[VID]U.S. Dept of Defense - Live - @ActingSecDef Patrick M. Shanahan speaks at the 35th #SpaceSymposium in Colorado. #35SS (1).mp42022-02-08 14:56 0  
[   ]Turning the Body Into a Wire - IEEE Spectrum- November 2020-.pdf2023-11-25 22:57 3.4M 
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[VID]Tucker Carlson, Company Man.mp42022-01-22 19:28 47M 
[VID]Truthstream Media- Resurrect Dead on Saturn Surrogates in the Metaverse Future.mp42022-01-02 19:09 506M 
[VID]Truthstream Media- Jan. 2017- The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering.mp42022-01-02 18:58 129M 
[VID]Truthstream Media- Is CERN the Only One.mp42022-01-03 22:26 82M 
[DIR]Trump on taking the vax and Gen Flynn in Short Tulsa World Interview RSA/2021-04-21 12:09 -  
[VID]Trump on PEOPLE Celebrating 911 Twisted by Media in to Muslims to lead away from the fact they were ISRAELIS.mp42021-11-03 21:56 23M 
[DIR]Trump on Mornings with Maria Reverse Speech Analysis April 2021/2021-04-29 22:13 -  
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[   ]Trump Says We May Not See Him 4 A While and Starlink Launch-20210411T204946Z-001.zip2021-04-11 15:50 5.7M 
[   ]Trump Oct. 3, 4 Message, & WR Doc Statement Post Covid 19 Pos Test-20210411T204900Z-001.zip2021-04-11 15:49 2.1M 
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[VID]Toresays July 2020 Show- Hemovores.mp42021-09-16 17:47 353M 
[VID]Tore Maras Speaks in Front of the Ohio School Board August 25, 2021.mp42021-09-27 11:13 127M 
[SND]Tore Maras Ohio School Board Speech from Wed, August 25, 2021.mp32021-08-25 20:44 2.7M 
[   ]Tore's Court Complaint pdf File- complaintMCSDTore.pdf2021-09-08 14:47 28M 
[SND]Tif on Law of Attraction- Nov. 12, 2021 a.m..oga2021-11-14 14:54 1.8M 
[VID]Tif Call to Rep. Granger Post Havana Act Inquiring Requesting Bill for Civilian EMF Assault 2021-09-22.mp42021-10-06 09:53 6.5M 
[DIR]Tif- EMF Wireless Trafficking Beam Torture to the Point of Nearly Passing Out While Driving Down the Hwy with Kids and Grandma/2021-10-22 21:36 -  
[DIR]Tif- Documentation- Johnson EMF Wireless Trafficking Ring Torturing our Family and Neighbors as Torture Crop Cash Cows/2023-06-30 13:23 -  
[   ]Tif's Letter to the House Judiciary Committee Chaired by Jim Jordan- July 5, 2023- Pdf File.pdf2023-10-11 00:01 632K 
[   ]Tif's Fort Worth Weekly Call on TI Article Comments RSA.docx2021-04-12 19:38 39K 
[   ]Tif's Email To the Judiciary Committee- Questions for the Weaponization Committee, Chris Wray for his being called for July 12, 2023, and my letter.pdf2023-08-06 22:33 477K 
[SND]Tif's Audio Message on TheButcherNumber, Restoration, and CreatingCongruentConsciousness- Expletives- 18 mins 18 secs..oga2023-11-17 14:17 7.7M 
[   ]ThreadReader_0_human_internet1- George Church Transhuman Eugenicyst.pdf2021-06-08 23:11 17M 
[   ]ThreadReader_0_human_internet- ATT Patent to Run You From the Internet.pdf2021-06-08 23:12 9.1M 
[   ]ThreadReader Texas Power Outage_chuckdevore_1361734258629353473.pdf2021-04-12 19:14 63K 
[   ]ThreadReader- Weird Science and Eugenics_0_we_have_risen_1171207333331947520.pdf2021-04-12 19:23 54M 
[   ]ThreadReader- Verastigui Arrest Snr Repub Digi Strat for CP_0_jaredlholt_1357910884757221377.pdf2021-04-12 19:16 1.5M 
[   ]ThreadReader- Project Looking Glass_0_jay2kq17_1194651656731934722.pdf2021-04-12 19:19 2.0M 
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[   ]ThreadReader- George Church Eugenics _0_human_internet1_1244451370356191233.pdf2021-04-12 00:37 17M 
[   ]ThreadReader- Gen Paul Vallely About QAnon_0_jay2kq17_1192040458932936708.pdf2021-04-12 19:17 1.8M 
[   ]ThreadReader- ATT Patents You Run from Inet 0_human_internet1_1248702475651014656.pdf2021-04-12 19:15 9.1M 
[   ]The nanomafia_ nanotechnology's global network of organized crime.pdf2021-04-12 19:08 878K 
[   ]The military's 'magic plan' to make enemies hallucinate.pdf2021-05-21 12:48 2.8M 
[VID]The Trueman Show 51 Catherine Austin Fitts- Nov 18, 2021.mp42021-12-28 17:20 441M 
[VID]The Story of Ivermectin.mp42021-08-29 12:11 344M 
[VID]The New World Order 2020_ A Cybernetic Hive Mind Matrix controlled by Avatar Gods in the Cloud.mp42021-08-06 21:41 0  
[DIR]The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History/2021-07-07 10:22 -  
[VID]The Jeff Knight interview 1992. JZ Knight. Ramtha. Cults..webm2023-11-26 18:46 82M 
[   ]The Internet of Bodies_ Opportunities, Risks, and Governance- Rand Corporation.pdf2021-07-31 14:05 1.6M 
[   ]The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976- The Hidden Tyranny.pdf2023-12-16 01:17 149K 
[   ]The Goldfish Report 500th Edition.docx2021-04-12 19:07 149K 
[   ]The GoldFish Report- Annotated Reference Links for My 8th Interview In Order By When We Talked About Them- Show 1053, Oct. 14, 2023.pdf2023-10-15 18:07 1.1M 
[   ]The General Aviation Propulsion -GAP- Program.pdf2024-02-14 22:01 10M 
[   ]The Environmental Modification Accountability Act from Jim Lee.pptx2021-04-12 19:47 1.7M 
[VID]The Arrest of a Harvard Professor- Charles Lieber.mp42021-12-08 14:28 40M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly Video Excerpt Biodigidalt Convergence.mp42021-07-03 11:55 285M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly Growing Up Deep State The Next Generation of Corruption.mp42022-02-01 20:54 129M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly- This Isn't About A Virus.mp42021-09-08 23:13 91M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly- The Reset, Implants, Inet of Bodies, and the Blockchain Clip from her full video- This is not about a Virus- 8 mins. .mp42021-11-13 18:01 378M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly- Sustainability Loans- Warning - Woke Credit - Global Extortion Racket.mp42021-11-11 11:51 23M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly- Pfizer's Inside Man.mp42021-10-06 22:36 48M 
[VID]The Amazing Polly- Language Codes, Cults, Technocracy, Maxwell and DiBono.mp42022-02-10 11:09 50M 
[   ]The Amazing Polly- Growing Up Deep State- References-.pdf2022-02-01 22:00 88K 
[VID]The Amazing Polly-Cults Are Labs for Controlling the General Public.mp42022-02-10 11:02 128M 
[VID]Ted the Terrible - Malthusian Ted Turner - Anthony J Hilder and Deborah Tavares.mp42022-04-03 18:16 93M 
[VID]Ted Nugent Talks to People Who Got the Vax.mp42021-10-16 22:44 1.2M 
[VID]Ted Gunderson FBI Chief Exposes MKULTRA NWO Illuminati Granada Forum.mp42021-04-12 20:40 216M 
[VID]Ted Cruz Grills AG Garland Over Parents Being Characterized as Domestic Terrorists in School Board Meetings October 2021.mp42021-11-03 20:47 19M 
[VID]Tartary- One Republic Network Presents-The TRUTH Marathon Part 11 – Victor Bugge- Nov. 1, 2021.mp42021-11-03 12:36 408M 
[   ]Targeted Justice SecondAmendedComplaint May-2023.pdf2023-05-08 16:08 1.2M 
[VID]Targeted Justice Attorney, Ana Toledo Davila Interviewed by S. Stone- June 8, 2023.mp42023-08-05 00:39 555M 
[   ]Targeted Justice- Standard Nomination Form with Zero Oversight-- AKA-- ENSLAVEMENT FORM- No Due Process on or Off the List--Wireless IoE Trafficking.pdf2024-01-22 11:56 2.0M 
[VID]Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking NSA Illegal Mind Control Program.mp42021-10-17 17:13 594M 
[IMG]Targeted Individuals Diagram Released from Fusion Center.jpg2021-11-02 20:27 158K 
[VID]Targeted Individuals Brains Linked to Mixed Reality Quantum Computer Sentient World Simulation.mp42021-06-25 00:54 122M 
[IMG]Targeted Individuals 1.jpg2021-11-02 20:28 55K 
[VID]Targeted Individuals-Ella Interviews ATT Whistle-blower and Film Maker Kylie Mayer.mp42021-10-02 22:35 48M 
[   ]Targeted Individual Law Violations.pdf2021-04-12 20:56 22K 
[   ]TORE of Toresays Affidavit-.pdf2021-08-04 16:47 3.9M 
[DIR]TI Perp Police Shootout, Moody, AL, June 2020, And Possible Leaked TI Computer View Seeing Thru TI Eye Implants/2021-04-29 14:30 -  
[DIR]TI Cases Claiming a Win When We Cannot Find It. Always Demand the Case Be Cited/2024-01-23 22:14 -  
[   ]THE INVISIBLE THIRD WORLD WAR.pdf2021-05-06 10:30 369K 
[   ]Synthetic Biology, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing _ IntechOpen.pdf2021-04-11 19:10 1.9M 
[   ]Surgical and Medical Applications of Drones- A Comprehensive Review Jul-Sep 2018.pdf2024-01-07 20:51 9.1M 
[DIR]Suramin RS Vetting/2021-04-23 17:54 -  
[VID]Sue Ford (aka Brice Taylor) - MK-Ultra Mind Control.mp42023-11-27 22:13 599M 
[VID]Still Report #1110 – John McCain “Songbird” Tape Found.webm2021-12-02 16:32 34M 
[VID]Stew Peters Show- Mil Doc- Faces Prison for Vax Exemptions.mp42021-11-17 17:26 178M 
[VID]Stew Peters Show- Dr. Zandre Botha - Blood Doctor Reveals Horrific Findings After Examining Janssen Vials.mp42021-10-12 12:12 44M 
[VID]Stew Peters Show- Court Martial for Mil Doc- Faces Prisom for Vax Exemptions.mp42021-11-17 17:22 0  
[VID]Stew Peters Karen Kingston Confirm DOD Joint A.I. Center Aggregating Data for Human Cull.mp42021-10-10 13:33 785M 
[VID]Stew Peters Karen Kingston 8.5 mins DOD A.I. Joint Intelligence Center is Aggregating Data for a Human Cull.mp42021-10-10 15:05 120M 
[VID]Stew Peters Interviews Sidney Powell Nov. 14, 2021.mp42021-11-15 21:06 94M 
[VID]Stew Peters Interviews Karen Kingston Receipts, Patent Proves Vax is Obedience Training Platform- Reads Patents.mp42021-10-12 21:06 262M 
[VID]Stew Peters Interviews Ally Carter- Nov. 10, 2021.mp42021-11-12 21:30 0  
[VID]Stew Peters- Retired NSA Analyst Exposes Fusion Centers, Radio Waves Used Against American Public.mp42022-02-20 20:41 171M 
[VID]Stew Peters- Rep Louie Gohmert Answers Tough Questions About Cop 'Suicides', Jan 6, Political Prisoners and MORE.mp42021-08-04 16:26 343M 
[VID]Stew Peters- 7-28-21- Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston Confirms Graphene Oxide Poison in COVID 'Vaccine.mp42021-08-04 17:04 355M 
[   ]Steve Greer CE5 Dark Ritual with Demi Lavato-Reverse Speech Analysis.zip2021-04-11 14:55 1.3M 
[VID]Star Trek - Enterprise - Xindi Attack Earth.wmv-(480p).mp42021-11-13 10:56 4.1M 
[VID]Star Trek - Enterprise - Archer On Xindi Attack Earth .wmv-(480p).mp42021-11-13 11:07 12M 
[   ]Stand Alone Microwave Weapon.pdf2021-12-27 11:07 55K 
[VID]Spiro- You won't believe what's been found in the COVID 19 Vaccine- It Will Blow Your Mind.mp42021-10-12 12:32 58M 
[DIR]Sensor Hunters- US Air Force- and RS Indicating our family is being hit with this-/2023-12-07 13:47 -  
[VID]Sen. Blumenthal Speech at Communist Rally.mp42021-12-28 15:04 7.5M 
[VID]Scottish man in Australia Concerned About Convoy Action Consequences.MP42022-02-14 17:44 120M 
[VID]Science- Trust The Science- Banned by Youtube.mp42021-08-09 08:39 8.3M 
[VID]School Board Meeting Oct. 2021.MP42021-10-10 12:45 5.0M 
[DIR]Scare New Jersey and December 2023 WWIII RS Vetting Statement Reverse Speech/2023-10-15 15:31 -  
[VID]Satanic Cults in Military Part 2-.mp42022-02-08 12:16 38M 
[VID]Satanic Cults in Military Part 1 Michael Aquino on Oprah Show (2021_06_06 19_05_39 UTC).webm2022-02-08 11:55 56M 
[   ]Sarah Ashcraft Hivites.pdf2021-05-06 11:04 152K 
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- Thz & Lefschentz with Psinergy tech metric pdf- Feb. 8, 2024.mp42024-02-08 20:26 556M 
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- Sir Batshit Saves the Day- Part 2-BLE- Dec. 6, 2023.mp42023-12-08 17:25 142M 
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- Shatter the Looking Glass Part 2 of 5- Dec. 5, 2023.mp42023-12-06 18:45 264M 
[DIR]Sabrina Wallace- Psinergy/2024-01-23 20:20 -  
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- MicroGrid_LoRa_SPIDERS_n_ur_body- January 10, 2024.mp42024-01-23 20:03 0  
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- MicroGrid LoRa SPIDERS in your body- January 10, 2024.mp42024-01-23 20:11 0  
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- MicroGrid LoRa .. SPIDERS n ur body … again on the 6G loPAN- December 28, 2023.mp42024-01-23 20:22 273M 
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- January 10, 2024-MicroGrid LoRa SPIDERS and your body-.mp42024-01-23 20:14 0  
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- EEG Headsets and Netcentric Warfare - Your ASS Connected To The Cloud-Digital Twin Technologies - WBAN IEEE 802.15.6-.5-.4.mp42023-12-08 15:50 770M 
[VID]Sabrina Wallace- Drone kill net parts i-iii- July 30, 2023.mp42023-12-08 16:09 654M 
[VID]SOS Creepy Voicemail Message Is Shaking The Internet Secure Team 10 Published 3-16-2018.mp42021-04-10 20:41 19M 
[VID]SGT Report- HIGH FREQUENCY VAXED PEOPLE- June 30, 2021.mp42021-07-01 16:09 86M 
[VID]SDG's- Rosa Koire presents Agenda 21 Global Plan Rolled out Locally- Single Family Homes Are UNsustainable Local Version.mp42021-11-09 15:35 88M 
[   ]SDG's- Look at what is UNsustainable to the UN in their Agenda 21. Single Family Homes are Unsustainable and More2021-11-09 14:35 28K 
[VID]S. Wallace 8-15-2023- EEG Headsets & Netcentric Warfare - Ur ASS Connected To The Cloud-Digi Twin Techs-WBAN IEEE.mp42023-12-08 17:07 770M 
[VID]S. Wallace- January 10, 2024-MicroGrid LoRa SPIDERS and your body-.mp42024-01-23 20:19 0  
[IMG]S-Thumbnail.jpg2023-12-08 17:07 141K 
[IMG]Rothschild to Royalty.jpg2021-11-03 09:08 82K 
[VID]Rothschilds and China- kill Switch Diplomacy_ How the Rothschilds Prepared China to Be the Next USA.mp42021-11-16 12:21 5.7M 
[   ]Rothschild, Darby, and Scofield by T.J. Smith- 2022 Winter Issue of Fullfilled Magazine.pdf2024-02-06 15:31 1.9M 
[DIR]Roswell Reverse Speech Shows- David Oates and Greg Albrecht/2024-02-01 17:47 -  
[VID]Roseanne Barr Black Eye RSA.mp42021-04-11 14:33 48M 
[VID]Rosa Koire on Agenda 21- RIP Rosa who had a convenient death while informing us on this GENOCIDAL COUP.mp42021-09-29 23:53 45M 
[DIR]Rosa Koire/2021-11-10 22:02 -  
[   ]Ron Paul Has Stroke Symptoms on Air-Reverse Speech Analysis.zip2021-04-11 14:54 1.4M 
[VID]Roger Tolces PI on US Government Electronic Harassment Torture_360p.mp42021-07-20 20:07 173M 
[   ]Rockefeller-Transcript-The-Covid-Plan_Rockefeller-Lockstep-2010.pdf2021-04-12 19:24 87K 
[   ]Robyn Gritz in an OANN Report on Jenny Moore Reverse Speech Analysis.docx2021-04-11 18:57 151K 
[DIR]Reverse Speech- Song- God We Need You Now- Singer- Caitlynne Curtis/2021-11-16 16:21 -  
[DIR]Retired Mil Letters Against Marxism/2021-06-29 17:32 -  
[VID]Reset Conspiracy Theory.mp42021-06-01 20:08 13M 
[VID]Red Bull Tests Positive for Covid-19.MP42022-01-22 13:47 4.9M 
[VID]Rand Paul- Covid and Vax.mp42021-08-09 08:41 6.8M 
[   ]Radiation Health and Safety Hearings- Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation- 95th Congress- June 1977.pdf2024-02-04 12:47 686K 
[DIR]Rada Mihalcea/2023-11-07 17:13 -  
[IMG]Rabbinical Court on Covid Vax 2.jpg2021-11-03 09:11 97K 
[IMG]Rabbinical Court on Covid Vax 1.jpg2021-11-03 09:10 119K 
[VID]RON JOHNSON - SENATE HEARING - COVID-19- A SECOND OPINION - JANUARY 24, 2022.mp42022-02-06 16:43 575M 
[VID]RFK Jr.- Covid Vaccine Censorship.mp42021-11-14 16:10 6.4M 
[VID]RFK- The uncomfortable truth about the government.mp42022-01-03 11:36 20M 
[   ]RADIO WAVES STUDIED FOR ARMS POTENTIAL 1985 Washington Post.pdf2021-04-11 16:00 61K 
[DIR]R. Lighthouse E-books/2021-07-07 09:51 -  
[   ]Quantum Financial Systems-Reverse Speech Analysis.zip2021-04-11 00:03 937K 
[   ]Psinergy PDF as of 05-25-2023- Uploaded to her Odysee Channel by Sabrina Wallace.pdf2023-10-27 11:21 2.9M 
[   ]Psinergy Intro Class on the Human Biofield.pdf2023-07-07 21:16 4.9M 
[VID]Propagandists vs. Truthers- OUTSTANDING.MP42021-08-01 17:28 10M 
[VID]Propaganda vs Truth on Covid and the Vax.mp42021-08-02 22:01 7.4M 
[VID]Project Veritas Questions Lying Pfizer Exec Who With-held That Aborted Fetus Cells Are in the Vaccine WHO THEN RUNS AWAY.mp42021-10-17 19:59 16M 
[VID]Project Veritas Pfizer Exec- Run Edition.mp42021-10-17 21:02 79M 
[VID]Project Veritas-PART 1_ Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings _Vaccine is Full of Sh_t.mp42021-09-21 08:51 41M 
[VID]Project Veritas- CBS 62 Insider GOES PUBLIC Exposing Networks Forced Vaccination Rhetoric and Bias.mp42021-07-27 13:53 120M 
[VID]Project Shielding CDC Website.mp42021-09-05 00:15 7.7M 
[   ]Project Shielding- CDC's Website- Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings _ CDC.pdf2021-09-05 00:20 611K 
[DIR]Project Looking Glass Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot and Connected Information- Mp3's Go With The Pdf RS Analysis/2021-10-18 17:57 -  
[   ]Project Looking Glass- The Black Vault- Via FOIAs- Per John Greenwald, Jr..pdf2021-10-18 16:46 1.8M 
[   ]Project Bluebird CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010003-1.pdf2021-04-11 18:57 1.3M 
[VID]Prince tells you about the Quantum Internet of Bodies that You are Being Forced onto Wirelessly without your Knowledge or Consent.mp42021-12-02 13:21 1.5M 
[   ]Presidential Directive 51 and FEMA Prison Camps by Richard Lighthouse.pdf2021-06-26 19:28 68M 
[VID]President Biden If you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask (1).mp42021-07-30 14:21 3.2M 
[VID]Predictive Programming- Ed- The Outer Light- 2021-10-23.mp42021-10-26 00:40 358M 
[VID]Pfizer Shell Company to Shield Pfizer.mp42021-10-25 15:12 25M 
[   ]Persons Who Can Be Tried by Court-Martial.pdf2021-04-12 21:48 1.6M 
[VID]Person of Interest Disclosure vs In Real Life Wireless Ai Trafficking Exploitation and Depopulation Reverse Speech.mp42021-07-28 12:37 1.0G 
[VID]Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder briefs news media at Pentagon- DOD Gen says more Public Private Partnership experimentation- between min 2 and 3 Oct. 20, 2022-.mp42023-07-13 14:41 587M 
[   ]Patent Secure Voting System US20200258338A1.pdf2021-04-12 20:09 3.6M 
[   ]Parabon NanoLabs Founding Scientist Chris Dwyer- Self-Assembling-Nano-Tech-DNA Awarded White House Honor- Obama- Aug. 6, 2009.pdf2023-12-14 10:44 101K 
[VID]PEDOGATE 2020 _ In-Depth Exploration (NEW INFO).mp42021-04-11 18:56 80M 
[VID]Owen Shroyer Elizabeth Lee Beck Interview- BOMBSHELL Attorney Afraid For Her Life Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open.mp42021-04-11 18:55 70M 
[DIR]Our Still Small Voice Made-for-TikTok and Other Videos/2022-02-04 16:51 -  
[   ]Optogenetics- Adamczyk-Zawadzki2020_Article_TheMemory-ModifyingPotentialOf.pdf2021-06-08 23:12 533K 
[VID]Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jewish Satanic Family Network Member in 1989.mp42021-10-19 06:29 10M 
[   ]Operation Crimson Mist- American Mind Control in Baghdad by Joe Vialls- May 29, 2003-.pdf2024-02-04 12:43 3.3M 
[   ]Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda.pdf2023-10-15 16:43 243K 
[DIR]Oil Rig Recruiter Claims Mass Vax Deaths Coming Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot/2021-06-19 18:33 -  
[VID]Obama, Loretta Fuddy, and the Cult of Subud.mp42021-11-10 08:42 21M 
[IMG]OSSV RS Monkey QR Code Updated Nov. 8, 2023.jpg2023-11-23 20:46 123K 
[IMG]OSSV RS Monkey QR Code Updated Nov. 8, 2023- Takes you to our all-in-one link for our info, services, and goods.jpg2023-11-08 14:39 123K 
[   ]OIG Report- March 2008- Audit of the Department of Justice Terrorist Watchlist Nomination Processes.pdf2022-03-29 11:01 6.5M 
[VID]OANN- UK Report Calls for COVID Vax Program to Be Shut Down June 2021.MP42021-06-24 22:52 67M 
[VID]Nuremberg Code Violations- Greg Reese.mp42021-06-25 22:14 41M 
[   ]Notice and Declaration of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatment_s – Single-Parent Form.pdf2021-08-23 19:24 473K 
[   ]Nonlethal Weapons bioeffects_of_selected_non-lethal_weapons.pdf2021-04-11 18:45 4.1M 
[VID]Nonconsensual Military Human Experimentation .mp42021-07-18 14:26 4.2M 
[DIR]New folder/2021-07-07 10:15 -  
[DIR]New folder (2)/2021-12-03 13:34 -  
[VID]Netanyahu wants to CHIP THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL to make sure they social distance.mp42021-06-12 20:47 7.3M 
[VID]Nephilim Among Us- Human-Animal Hybrids, Eugenics, GMOs & Transhumanism- Steve Cioccolanti- Published 10-2-2013.mp42021-09-20 20:35 81M 
[VID]Naomi Wolf- 11 Revelations from Pfizer's Own Vaccine Documents.mp42024-02-09 19:40 216M 
[   ]Nanotechnology Nano Worm.pdf2021-04-11 16:42 1.7M 
[VID]Nanotechnology Discovered Over 200,000 Years Old, Jared Murphy- Leak Project- Synesthesia is of Transhuman Origin Imo.mp42021-07-23 11:39 188M 
[VID]Nanobot tech hijacking of humans June 3, 2021.mp42021-07-30 14:12 10M 
[DIR]Nano-Lobotomies, NASA, RS, and Julian Assange by Tiffany Fontenot for OSSV/2023-11-08 14:33 -  
[   ]NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL- Directed Energy Weapons Ethical Implementation Obastacles.pdf2024-02-04 12:32 43M 
[VID]NASA Traitors 2 Humanity- Lithium.mp42021-10-26 00:45 2.7M 
[   ]NASA-Future-Strategic-Issues-and-Warfare.pdf2021-04-12 20:34 11M 
[VID]Mount Shasta Meditation with The Anshar Vetting- Corey Goode's Quote Inner Earth Group Unquote- for the Eclipse on August 21, 2017-RS Says they want Auschwitz.mp42024-02-10 19:03 4.9M 
[   ]Mormon CES-Letter.pdf2021-04-10 14:52 13M 
[VID]Morgellons Help- Gut Biofilm Remover- Mimosa Pudica Immune and Digestive Support.mp42021-09-26 11:49 54M 
[VID]More evidence Flucloxacillin contains Graphene.mp42021-12-06 11:00 23M 
[   ]Monarch- Illuminati_Mind_Control.pdf2021-06-08 23:26 2.8M 
[DIR]Mk Ultra and Mk Naomi/2023-12-04 16:13 -  
[VID]Mk Ultra- Nonconsensual Experimentation- STILL HAPPENING WORLDWIDE- The Secret History of MK Ultra with Tom O'Neill.mp42022-02-02 21:24 116M 
[VID]Mk Naomi Bad Trip To Edgewood.mp42021-11-21 21:49 134M 
[VID]Minority Report Umbrella Scene Depicts Artificial Reality Synchronicity Swarm Via Inet of Bodies.mp42021-10-16 13:49 11M 
[   ]Mind Control - Brice Taylor- Thanks for the Memories.pdf2023-11-27 18:40 39M 
[VID]Michael Chapala Died, cause unknown, 1-29-21, 11-10pm- Here is his MORGELLONS CURE- Giant Coil Treatment 832 343-5425.mp42021-12-10 11:02 65M 
[DIR]Miami Mall Aliens Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot for Our Still Small Voice/2024-01-18 00:17 -  
[VID]Meme Censorship- Paul Joseph Watson.mp42021-07-28 18:55 14M 
[VID]Matt Gaetz July 29, 2021 Repubs denied access to oversite connected to Jan. 6 detainees.MP42021-07-30 14:06 20M 
[VID]Masonic Transhuman Parasite Trafficking System- SERGEANT ROBERT HORTON WAR CASTLES Overview.mp42021-10-10 14:37 207M 
[VID]MIMO- Everything You Need to Know About 5G.mp42021-11-20 12:02 47M 
[VID]Lori Lightfoot Admits Pledging to NWO 1- Getting rid of Aldermanic Priviledge.mp42021-06-21 18:23 20M 
[VID]Larry Silverstein- Twin Towers Reverse Speech Including Building 7.mp42021-10-19 06:24 1.8M 
[VID]Kyle Bass Interview with Epoch Times Summer 2021.mp42021-07-14 21:19 126M 
[VID]Kyle Bass Featured in The GoldFish Report June 14, 2021 Texas Grid Wars.mp42021-06-19 18:33 76M 
[VID]Kristen Meghan is a former Air Force pilot turned Chemtrail, Geoengineering Whistleblower-.mp42021-12-16 10:33 47M 
[DIR]Kim Goguen was Surprised Last Night- Nov. 15, 2023- by 120000 angels RSA by Tiffany Fontenot for OSSV/2024-01-18 19:43 -  
[DIR]Kary Mullis- Creator of the PCR Test Who died Aug. 2019/2021-12-28 14:04 -  
[VID]Karen Kingston Blows the Lid Off the Covid Vaccine October 2021.mp42021-10-26 00:13 219M 
[VID]Karen Kingston- Former Pfizer Employee- on Stew Peter's Show- DNA Stolen with PCR Test and Shots And Sent to China.mp42021-10-24 15:47 347M 
[   ]Karen Kingston- 10-8-2021- Vaccine Patents to Track Who You Associate with, When You Go To Church And Your Social Credit Score.aac2021-10-21 14:51 31M 
[   ]Kamala Harris Statement to Public Pre-Questioning of Amy Coney Barrett Reverse Speech Analysis.docx2021-04-10 14:54 45K 
[VID]Just.mp42021-10-24 12:36 4.2M 
[   ]Judy Mikovits PHD- Notes on Her Interview for Antidotes for Vax Toxin and Dangerous Fake Antidote.pdf2021-11-15 20:37 152K 
[   ]Judaism and Freemasonry from Rabbi Isaac Wise.jfif2021-11-03 09:06 315K 
[VID]Jonas Salk- Polio Vaccine 'Hero' was into Eugenics and Depopulation.mp42021-10-24 18:22 95M 
[   ]Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Leaders Update Reporters on DOD AI Developments Transcript- Sept. 10, 2020.pdf2023-12-17 22:45 299K 
[VID]John Mendez Claims He Talks to Daddy in a UFO And is Part of UFO Ground Crew RS Indicates He's Targeted.mp42021-04-10 16:00 52M 
[VID]JohnHereToHelp Interview Sept. 13 2019.mp42021-04-11 18:48 103M 
[VID]John Brennan- on UFO's and Other Life in the Universe.mp42021-11-14 15:39 2.3M 
[VID]Joe Rogan- Dr. Peter McCullough- Moderna was working on the vaccine before the virus ever even came out of the lab-.mp42021-12-15 14:29 3.1M 
[   ]Joe Biden Following UN Agenda 2030 Climate Plan to Reduce Meat Consumption by 90%.pdf2021-06-19 18:10 960K 
[VID]Jesse Ventura- Brain Invaders- Aired 12-17-2012.mp42021-07-02 22:37 221M 
[   ]Jennifer Aniston Reverse Speech Analysis.zip2021-04-10 23:59 1.2M 
[VID]Jen Psaki- The Vax can still kill you..MP42021-07-14 14:54 2.2M 
[VID]Jane Burgermeister- Remember Swine Flu Avian Flu Flashback to Jane Bürgermeister pandemic update june 22th 2012_360p.mp42021-09-15 17:24 47M 
[VID]Jacinda Ardern, PM of NZ Indication of Transhuman Syndicate-.mp42021-12-08 13:03 741K 
[DIR]J6 Psyop, Officer Michael Fanone, Nancy Pelosi, and More Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot for Our Still Small Voice/2024-02-10 13:10 -  
[VID]Israeli Medical Tyranny- Spring 2021.mp42021-05-06 16:27 2.3M 
[VID]Isaac Kappy's last upload before his 'suicide'.mp42021-08-01 11:57 42M 
[   ]Iot 5G and IoIT 6G- Columbia Lecture- Internet of Things and Internet of Invivo Things.pdf2023-12-29 21:11 18M 
[VID]Insurance- Check it for NEW UPDATES- Exclusions and Limitations- What Is Not Covered by This Policy- Dec. 31, 2023- War- Declared-Undeclared-Riots.mp42024-01-05 22:36 41M 
[VID]IEEE- Transhumanism- The Cyber-Physical Backbone- and the 4th Industrial Revolution- Do you realize what they've done.mp42023-12-27 21:08 23M 
[   ]IEEE- Industrial Cyberphysical Systems_ A Backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution _ IEEE Journals & Magazine _ IEEE Xplore.pdf2023-12-27 20:59 265K 
[   ]ICC Complaint Against Canada.pdf2021-04-10 14:56 7.2M 
[   ]Human Nonconsensual Experimentation Subjects Need Your Help.docx2021-04-08 21:06 309K 
[   ]Host Your Twitter Archive As a Website.docx2021-04-12 20:11 213K 
[   ]Hitler Meme- Yesterday vs Today's Transhuman Holocaust Target - Jews, Unvaxxed.dat2022-01-26 12:12 93K 
[DIR]High Impact Flix Channel Owner, Can We and Have We Left LEO--NASA Employee RSA, Bill Nye/2021-05-21 20:14 -  
[   ]Hazing- HUMILIATION RITUAL. 49 photographs of the initiation ceremony for new – Oliver Wood Books.pdf2022-02-09 20:28 648K 
[   ]Havana Syndrome--- PETITION letter pulsed MW RF DEW - HAVANA SYNDROME.pdf2021-04-12 19:43 109K 
[VID]Hastening Moshiach- Netanyahu and Chabad Lubavich Leader Rebbe Schneerson.mp42021-10-25 16:17 3.0M 
[   ]HSBC- 170609-updated-trust-in-technology-final-report.pdf2021-04-11 18:46 4.9M 
[VID]HRC Secretary of State Pedo Cover Up.mp42021-04-12 21:16 4.2M 
[VID]HCQQ.mp42021-11-01 18:48 16M 
[   ]Greg Giles- A Targeted Individual- is waking up from the mindcontrol - Spiritual Forum - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community.pdf2023-07-31 15:06 2.9M 
[VID]Greenbaum Speech. Hypnosis in MPD Ritual Abuse.webm2021-04-10 14:59 158M 
[VID]Graphene Oxide on the Beach in Melbourne, Australia.mp42021-10-10 12:55 13M 
[   ]Graphene Oxide- How To Detox Graphene Oxide _ Holistic Health Online.pdf2021-10-17 17:54 1.4M 
[   ]Google and MIT TransNational and Domestic Coding.pdf2021-04-11 18:44 3.1M 
[VID]Google Drive Chat Screen Cap Feb. 22, 2021 for Tiffany Fontenot.mp42021-04-10 20:39 33M 
[DIR]Global Genocide Project- Human Holocaust and Capitol Siege RS/2021-12-28 15:28 -  
[VID]Giordano, Fauci, Gates, Dr. Martin, The Vax, and TI's.mp42021-11-16 16:44 437M 
[DIR]Giants RSA- George Noory and Pilot/2021-08-21 20:21 -  
[VID]General Mike Flynn Interview Tulsa World.mp42021-04-10 20:26 327M 
[VID]Gen Flynn Micro Expression in Alex Jones Interview.mp42021-04-10 20:50 25M 
[   ]Gemstone File nwo illuminati freemasons hughes onassis 007- Full Text.pdf2023-07-14 17:52 0  
[   ]Gateway Process- CIA Rdg Rm- ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF GATEWAY PROCESS.pdf2021-06-15 20:08 2.2M 
[   ]Gangstalking Manual Courtesy of Dr. Rauni Kilde- From Her Book- Bright Light on Black Shadows.pdf2022-04-25 20:51 1.1M 
[   ]Gangstalking Manual- Office of the United Naions High Commissioner for Human Rights- Geneva- Professional Training Series No. 8-Rev. 1.pdf2022-04-25 20:18 1.0M 
[DIR]Galactic Federation Vetting with Michael Salla and Elena Danaan/2021-09-15 22:45 -  
[VID]Funeral Director provides shocking update on the huge increase of deaths he's seeing from the vaccine.mp42021-12-08 13:15 45M 
[   ]From PSYOP to MindWar Gen Paul Vallely and Aquino.pdf2021-04-12 20:20 45K 
[   ]Frey Auditory Effect- RF Influence on Biology-AD0716044-Pdf.pdf2023-11-25 12:00 2.0M 
[VID]Freemasonry and Saturn Worship Exposed in Washington D.C Worldwide- Downloaded Feb. 9, 2024.mp42024-02-09 16:23 91M 
[VID]Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston Confirms Graphene Oxide Poison in COVID 'Vaccine- 7-29-2021.mp42021-08-04 16:59 355M 
[DIR]Flynn Warns of Gulen Terror Network/2021-12-03 12:29 -  
[VID]First Responder Police Corruption-- Addressing Where It Comes From--.mp42021-08-06 21:01 17M 
[VID]Finders Cult- Who Will Find What The Finders Hide Full Documentary.mp42021-10-26 00:49 237M 
[   ]Fauci Testimony- Nov. 2019- Page 5- Talks about vectors and self-assembling nanoparticles in vaccines.pdf2021-11-14 19:02 322K 
[VID]Fauci- Why Americans need to mask up again July 28, 2021.MOV2021-07-30 14:09 62M 
[   ]Fauci-DARPA Whistleblower- 2020-05-11-FIRST-AMENDED-WHISTLEBLOWER-AFFIDAVIT-re-HIGHLANDS-GROUP-illegal-DARPA-meetings-May-11-2020.pdf2022-02-05 22:08 3.2M 
[DIR]Falun Gong/2021-12-02 13:13 -  
[   ]Facebook Removed Torture Post with No Notification.docx2021-06-29 15:39 41K 
[VID]FUNERAL DIRECTOR personal experience in the UK offered 80,000 pounds by RT to keep quiet.mp42021-10-12 11:49 1.0G 
[VID]FEMA Nurses WHO DO NOT HAVE TO GET VAXED-Bussed into TX to Take Place of Med Staff Being Fired 4 NO VAX- 8-7-2021.mp42021-10-18 19:44 55M 
[DIR]FBI v. Fikre, Docket Number 22-1178, Jan. 8, 2024 Oral Arguments and Transcript/2024-01-08 21:47 -  
[   ]FBI Domestic Investigation Redacted Oct. 15, 2011.pdf2021-06-26 19:27 243M 
[VID]Exiting the Maritime System-.mp42021-12-08 13:03 555M 
[VID]Evil Dust Julian Assange Nano Technology.mp42021-04-10 20:43 11M 
[VID]Eric Hecker- South Pole Earthquake Generator.mp42023-07-16 13:23 17M 
[DIR]Epstein and Maxwell/2021-12-08 14:07 -  
[   ]Epstein Flight LogMANIFEST -.pdf2023-11-13 21:09 5.7M 
[   ]Epstein-Docs Drop January 3, 2024.pdf.crdownload2024-01-03 21:35 175M 
[VID]Epoch Times- July 3, 2021- Thought Leaders- Dr_Bret_Weinstein_ Perverse_Incentives _in_the_Vaccine_Roll.mp42021-07-05 13:04 98M 
[VID]Elon_Musks_Neural_Lace_Brain_Interface_Is_The_Graphene.mp42021-07-07 10:01 19M 
[DIR]Elon Musk Reverse Speech Analysis and Videos Elon Musk Exposed- Greg Reese- Forced Neuralink/2021-12-21 20:43 -  
[VID]Elon Musk Exposed.mp42021-06-08 22:17 405M 
[VID]Elon Musk- Why I Hate Elon Musk.mp42022-04-27 08:19 67M 
[VID]Elon Musk- The Mysterious Lineage of ELON MUSK!.mp42021-08-03 17:01 49M 
[   ]Ellen Degeneres Talks about Kindness, Being in the Same Boat, and her Fish RSA-20210411T043401Z-001.zip2021-04-10 23:34 3.2M 
[IMG]Electronic Harrassment Weapons Effects.jpg2021-10-08 19:33 106K 
[   ]Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons_ The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization.pdf2021-04-11 18:35 603K 
[VID]Election- Tarrant County- Seth Keshel - Behind The Election Integrity Curtain - July 29, 2021.mp42021-08-04 17:16 0  
[VID]Election- Tarrant County- Fort Worth- Seth Keshel - Behind The Election Integrity Curtain- July 29, 2021.mp42021-08-04 18:48 593M 
[VID]Elana Hacker- Founder and CEO of Acugentics.mp42022-04-11 04:43 5.1M 
[   ]Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks.pdf2023-12-10 23:41 11M 
[DIR]EMF, Sepsis, Turning Blue, Technology, and Covid/2023-11-09 19:19 -  
[VID]Dutchsinse- CA DEW Fires- 9_08_2020 -- Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) beam shooting from California to MALHEUR NATIONAL REFUGE.mp42021-10-16 15:34 83M 
[   ]Dutch citizens who are wrongfully on a secret terror list must solve it themselves.pdf2023-06-03 18:30 1.4M 
[VID]Dr Judy Mikovits - Great Information On The Covid19 Vaccine.mp42021-04-12 19:56 136M 
[VID]Dr. Todd Watts- Mimosa Pudica.mp42021-10-17 13:11 54M 
[VID]Dr. Scott Youngblood Slays Covid Vax at Board of Supervisors Meeting November 2, 2021.mp42021-11-09 13:54 12M 
[VID]Dr. Ryan Cole on Covid, Vax, and D.mp42021-04-22 14:41 31M 
[VID]Dr. Robert Malone- Creator of the mRNA Vax- ...We Are Going to Have Many Children Die Before People Wake Up.MP42021-11-15 12:21 19M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee Mar 10, 2021.mp42021-08-23 15:51 33M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough Answers Covid Questions.mp42021-08-28 23:19 355M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough- The Vax Is Failing in UK and Israel.mp42021-09-04 10:06 383M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough- The Presentation that is Changing Minds About the Covid 'vaccines'.mp42021-09-08 23:07 138M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough- Covid 19 Vaccines and Children.mp42021-11-12 20:08 328M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough- Courageous Discourse- Observation and Analysis- Leave WHO- BioPharmaceutical Complex Syndicate.mp42024-02-24 18:44 0  
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough- Courageous Discourse- Observation and Analysis- Leave WHO- BioPharmaceutical Complex Syndicate (2).mp42024-02-24 18:54 202M 
[VID]Dr. Peter McCullough-Americans Should Demand Rogan's Ivermectin Multi Drug Therapy for Covid 19.mp42021-09-04 16:04 83M 
[SND]Dr. Northrup on Covid, Vax, Remdesivir.oga2021-08-28 20:27 2.7M 
[VID]Dr. Moulden- Suicided in 2013- Health Canada Punished Their Own Scientists Instead of Protecting the Public.mp42021-10-16 06:07 61M 
[VID]Dr. Morgan West Point Psycho-Neurobiology and War 3 mins.mp42021-04-22 14:41 5.6M 
[VID]Dr. Malone Creator of the mRNA Vaccine.mp42021-10-17 20:03 8.0M 
[VID]Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Comments at Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Covid Vax.mp42021-09-22 18:23 5.3M 
[VID]Dr. John Hall Talking Weapons Research out of the.mp42021-11-03 20:43 6.0M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin with Dr. Mercola- A financial incentive for genocide..mp42021-11-13 14:03 3.9M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- We are on the precipice of mass murder of 5-11 year olds right now..mp42021-11-14 15:37 6.0M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- Weaponization of Coronavirus- When Nature is Conscripted to Harm- Nov. 6,2021.mp42021-11-21 15:25 153M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- The Great Reset and The Covid Vaccine.mp42021-11-14 18:04 233M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin - Red Pill Expo- Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid Nov. 7, 2019.mp42021-11-21 15:16 75M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- Nuremberg 2.0 Evidence, EO, and Trump- Clip Published on Twitter 11-10-2021.mp42021-11-17 16:34 5.2M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- Follow the Patents.mp42021-11-12 19:19 198M 
[VID]Dr. David Martin- A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9_7_21_ 720p.mp42021-07-12 22:49 258M 
[DIR]Dr. David E. Martin/2024-02-16 13:42 -  
[VID]Dr. David E. Martin- DOD Approached Him to Help Roll Out the Next Pandemic on London Real.mp42023-11-09 13:22 38M 
[VID]Dr. David E. Martin- Bioweapon Not Virus, Facts, Media Hype, Vax Was Planned, Event 201, Changing Definitions, Premeditation, Crimes Ignored Judiciall.mp42024-02-16 15:21 681M 
[VID]Dr. Christine Northrup- What's Really in the Covid Vax 2021.mp42021-10-10 15:11 405M 
[VID]Dr. Carrie Madej Speaking on the Vaccine Agenda.mp42021-11-14 19:34 37M 
[VID]Dr. Carrie Madej- Interviewed on Stew Peters Show on Living Imortal Hydra Vulgaris in Covid Vax.mp42021-10-09 18:44 45M 
[VID]Dr. Boyd Haley- U of KY- on Autism Vaccination and Thimerisol- Mercury Toxicity, and Autism.mp42021-08-22 23:11 78M 
[VID]Dr. Ardis- World Health Organization Being Sued- Documentation from Dr. Ardis to Nuremburg 2.0 Lawsuit Head Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.mp42021-10-17 20:02 9.5M 
[DIR]Documentary- In The Name of Zion- Parts 1-9/2021-10-26 01:02 -  
[VID]Doctors Confirm Vax-Cyborg Connection Reverse Speech.mp42021-05-22 13:08 257M 
[VID]Doctor Charles Morgan West Point Psycho-Neurobiology and War 56 mins..mp42021-05-08 15:20 256M 
[VID]Dissidents and 2nd Am Under Biden Admin.MP42021-07-06 14:12 4.2M 
[VID]Dershowitz Epstein Pedo Island Denial- TikTok Version- Zion Israel Sho'ah.mp42021-09-07 22:12 85M 
[VID]Del Bigtree Immune System April 2021.mp42021-04-22 14:29 25M 
[DIR]Days of Darkness/2021-05-08 20:14 -  
[DIR]David Wilcock, Steven Greer, with Connected Reverse Speech on ETs by Tiffany Fontenot/2021-05-21 22:35 -  
[VID]David Voigts former Naval Officer on Nonconsensual Experimentation Being Done 10 mins..mp42021-07-05 20:59 130M 
[   ]Data (D) - Shortcut.lnk2023-11-27 22:28 507  
[VID]DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH ON WITH REINER FUELMICH JUNE 11, 2021 on Covid and Vax.mp42021-09-04 10:13 111M 
[VID]DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH ON WITH REINER FUELMICH JUNE 11, 2021 on Covid, Vax, and Nuremberg 2.0.mp42021-08-04 23:33 111M 
[VID]DR. DAVID E. MARTIN DROPS SHOCKING COVID-19 TRUTH ON CANADIANS- 8-21-2021.mp42021-09-29 19:48 146M 
[   ]DOD enterprise-numbers_1875 pages of Enterprises DOD Assignment Private.pdf2021-04-11 18:34 3.9M 
[VID]DOD Leaked Document Pandemic of the Vaccinated.mp42021-10-10 12:50 56M 
[   ]DOD DIRECTIVE 3000.09- Jan. 25, 2023.pdf2024-02-05 19:57 5.5M 
[   ]DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control Technology Claims- Approved for Release Aug. 11, 2000.pdf2024-01-31 15:12 641K 
[   ]DC Sitrep David Nittolo-20210411T043324Z-001.zip2021-04-10 23:33 151K 
[IMG]DARPA Sound Waves and Neuro-Modulation.jpg2023-10-15 17:41 136K 
[VID]DARPA, Giordano, Dr. Charles Lieber, Corona Virus Origins, and the Transhuman Nano War on Humanity.mp42021-12-08 14:26 136M 
[   ]D-Wave Homo Capensis Wilcock Hudes-20210411T045932Z-001.zip2021-04-11 00:02 244M 
[VID]Covid and Vax- Graphene Oxide- and 5G.mp42021-09-27 05:47 79M 
[VID]Covid Vax Under-cover video- Contractor for Big Pharma Doesn't Want Vax but Took it to Keep Job.mp42021-11-14 16:09 5.5M 
[VID]Covid Vax Lipid Nano Particle, Gene Editing, and Cancer- 6 mins.mp42021-11-17 15:21 39M 
[VID]Covid Vax Katie Kirn, RN testimony on Michigan HB 4471 8_19_21.mp42021-08-22 23:08 14M 
[VID]Covid Vax Greg Reese- NUREMBERG 2.0.mp42021-06-12 23:33 22M 
[VID]Covid Vax- Two kinds of people.mp42021-11-14 15:41 47M 
[   ]Covid Vax- Solari- Notice and Declaration of Parental -2 Parent- Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatment_s – Two-Parent Form.pdf2021-08-23 19:26 484K 
[   ]Covid Vax- Solari- Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities Requiring Covid-19 Injections.pdf2021-08-23 19:25 561K 
[   ]Covid Vax- Solari-Employer-Form-revised4_28July_2021.pdf2021-08-23 16:40 137K 
[VID]Covid Vax- Registered Nurse Statement on her Patients.mp42021-07-31 23:07 4.2M 
[VID]Covid Vax- Jill Biden pushing vaccine propaganda onto children.mp42021-11-17 16:10 4.6M 
[VID]Covid Vax- Graphene Oxide- 5G- Spanish Researchers- Le Qinta Columna.mp42021-09-27 20:02 79M 
[VID]Covid Variants Match Brain Wave Names and MUCH more.mp42021-06-12 20:40 46M 
[VID]Covid Vaccine Mandates and the Constitution Are Connected to the 9th and 10th Amendments- Jenna Ellis.MP42021-08-02 22:04 15M 
[VID]Covid Vaccine-Pfizer-zoomed-w-microscope-are-living-cells-organisms-mixed-in.mp42021-04-22 14:55 20M 
[VID]Covid Tyranny- 13 mins. Covid Vax and Healthy People Dropping Dead.mp42021-11-17 15:20 80M 
[   ]Covid Survivor, Trump on Measle Vax and Partnering with Gavi, TX Gov Abbott Forces Masks on TX Due to Covid.docx2021-04-10 20:36 150K 
[VID]Covid Predictive Programming- ABSOLUTE PROOF THE COVID-19 SCAM WAS PLANNED LONG IN ADVANCE - MARK DEVLIN AT TRUTH JUICE, PART 1-(480p).mp42021-11-03 09:59 89M 
[DIR]Covid Marketing Legal Informational Flyers- Mask- Vax- CPS, Religious Exemption- Med Marajuana Flyers Pdfs/2021-10-12 14:03 -  
[VID]Covid Has Never Been Isolated Even Though 1.5 Million in Prize Money Was Offered to Anyone Who Has Isolated It. Money Has Gone Unclaimed.mp42021-10-18 22:34 21M 
[   ]Covid Criminal Network Map- Lanscape.pdf2021-11-10 09:34 20M 
[VID]Covid Contracts Oct. 17, 2021 from Youtube Channel- Andie CG.mp42021-10-18 19:51 18M 
[VID]Covid Agenda Laid Out Clearly by Woman from Ireland.mp42021-11-02 21:12 1.5M 
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[VID]Covid- Hewbrew to English.mp42021-09-27 05:57 7.0M 
[   ]Covid, Vax, Hollywood, Satanism, 5G, Food, Parasites- Parasite Pill- Report.pdf2021-09-27 13:05 21M 
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[VID]CNN REPORT in 1985 Admitting EMFs 60ghz 5G IS A WEAPON-.mp42022-01-24 09:41 50M 
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[VID]Brendon O'Connell- Quickie - 15 Minute Smart Cities - March 2018 Video.mp42023-01-23 12:01 70M 
[VID]Brendon O'Connell - 97 Syria Joins The Chinese Belt Road Initiative Kissinger Chuckles.mp42022-01-23 16:28 153M 
[VID]Brendon O'Connell- 75. HIGH LEVEL CRYPTO TRADER DESCRIBES CRASH TO COME AND UBI.mp42021-11-19 12:09 37M 
[VID]Brendon O'Connell- 39. THE GREAT GAME - A FAMILY CIVIL WAR, TRUMP, BIDEN.mp42021-11-19 12:13 231M 
[VID]Brendon O'Connell-17. ISRAELS SECRET WEAPON, THE TALPIOT PROGRAM - _HOW ISRAEL RULES_.mp42022-01-25 14:08 461M 
[VID]Brendon O'Connell- 7. NSO GROUP PEGASUS, ISRAEL, Unit 8200 take over NY and Pentagon.mp42022-01-25 14:03 157M 
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[VID]Biden and Friends Recommend Not Trusting the Govt and Not Taking the Shot Until All Information Is Known and Seen.MP42021-08-05 17:06 13M 
[VID]Biden Press Sec Jen Psaki July 16, 2021 encourages accounts to be banned across Soc Med for Mis info.mp42021-07-30 13:57 23M 
[VID]Biden If you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask, May 13, 2021.mp42021-07-30 14:23 3.2M 
[VID]Biden Challenged by Reporter Peter Doocy over masks July 29, 2021.mp42021-07-30 14:26 3.6M 
[VID]Biden Biotech- Del Complex Ai Ocean Platform with 10,000 Nvidia GPU's.mp42023-11-05 23:09 1.7M 
[VID]Biden- If we end up in a real shooting war-- July 27, 2021.MP42021-07-30 14:00 4.7M 
[   ]Beyond the Strange Reverse Speech Show.docx2021-04-10 16:00 45K 
[DIR]Beyond the Strange RS Show Follow Along Info/2021-06-08 22:49 -  
[VID]Berkey Homemade Water Filter from 5 Gallon Buckets- How To Video.mp42021-11-17 15:47 144M 
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[VID]Beef Supply Chain Market Crisis- What is going on with beef prices.mp42021-10-17 13:28 93M 
[VID]Bayer Exposed- Both Sons of a Friend of Mine Died from This Drug. They were her only children and both were in the military..mp42021-08-22 10:12 8.4M 
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[VID]Babylon Bee Skit FBI Capitol Siege- 11-10-2021.mp42021-11-10 12:55 5.9M 
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[VID]Augmented Reality- Blue Beam Tech.mp42021-10-25 15:56 2.4M 
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[VID]Athena- Lockheed Martin Laser- FOX NEWS ADMITS GOVERNMENT USING LASERS (DEW) BEFORE CA FIRES.mp42021-10-16 15:27 15M 
[TXT]Artificial Reality Forced via Forced Ai neuroenslavment is Coming for ALL HUMANS who survive the cull- Here's How- 1 Hour.htm2021-08-06 11:46 62K 
[VID]Army Nurse Grounds 3 out of 3 Pilots After Vax and Is Removed from her Detail.mp42021-11-02 20:58 1.7M 
[VID]Army Nurse- Retired- Debra D Schnelle Talks about Neuroweapons Alzheimers- Navy Surgeon-General's office.mp42021-11-02 21:00 5.0M 
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[DIR]Anti-Nano Bucket from Tony Pantelleresco brought to you by Our Still Small Voice/2021-07-22 21:50 -  
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[VID]Ancient nanostructures found in Ural mountains are out of place and time.mp42022-04-05 09:24 27M 
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[VID]Ally Carter Interviewed by Stew Peters Nov. 10, 2021.mp42021-11-12 21:23 0  
[VID]Ally Carter Insurance File on Trafficking Experience.mp42021-11-13 13:58 21M 
[VID]Ally Carter After Some Insurance Files Were Released.mp42021-11-13 13:58 541M 
[VID]Ally Carter- Stew Peters- victim-quot-biden-amp-obama-raped-me-quot-powerful-elites-celebs-demonic-sex-abuse-ring.mp42021-11-12 22:11 393M 
[VID]Ally- Child Sex Trafficking Victim Names Celeb Names Including Biden Full Video.mp42021-04-10 20:50 391M 
[   ]Alice in Wonderland, CIA, Kubark- Torture and Psychology- Interrogation Method.pdf2021-06-02 13:47 150K 
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[IMG]Accuse others of that which you are guilty Goebbels.jpg2021-04-11 18:02 42K 
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[   ]34-patents-on-subliminal-mind-control.pdf2021-04-11 14:52 1.0M 
[   ]5g English5GSpaceAppeal.pdf2021-04-11 18:34 2.0M 

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